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Testing & Inspecting Services in South Wales

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Regular testing and inspection of both fixed electrical installations and portable appliances, is the most effective way to ensure compliance with health and safety law.

Testing can be completed to all aspects of the electrical industry from domestic, commercial and industrial.

Identifying and rectifying defects helps to maintain safe functioning of electrical equipment. Testing should consist of both scheduled visual inspections and tests. Electrical inspection and testing procedures are determined by the type of installation:
•    Initial Verification Inspection and Testing: For new build or alterations to fixed electrical installations
•    Electrical installation and condition report or Landlord Report: Fixed wire tests of existing electrical installations
•    Portable Appliance Testing(PAT): Portable electrical appliances

Testing should be performed by registered electrical engineers like ourselves and registered though a governing body scheme with experience in electrical inspection and testing procedures with the relevant testing equipment.

In addition, basic, visual inspections of electrical equipment (both fixed installations and portable appliances) carried out on a regular basis can identify wear, tear, faults and defects before developing into a serious hazard.

Testing & Inspecting

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