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Media Wall Installations in South Wales

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Media Wall's

If you are considering renovating your living space looking for not only stylish and modern but still affordable and useful too, then here at Elite Electrical we can provide you with a media wall that ticks all the boxes.

Teaming up with Fire Design Studio Newport to provide bespoke quality fireplaces at affordable prices. Check out their Instagram page to see styles available

A media wall is a trendy media feature that enables you to set your TV (plus any TV satellite boxes or cables) within your existing wall, before positioning an electric fireplace directly underneath with feature lighting of your choice. This feature is super effective whilst keeping your living room space organised, neat and modern. Media walls are a deceptively expensive looking feature but are actually a highly affordable renovation bringing a look of luxury to your living room.

If you are interested in having a media wall fitted into your property, we’d be delighted to hear from you. At Elite Electrical our team have extensive knowledge and experience of fitting these and can be designed to fit any shape room giving you the best possible outcome to your media wall from start to finish.

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